Alpha Course

"As a parish we are trying to live out the mission that Christ has given to his church, and as part of that every one of us is on our own personal journey with Christ. I strongly recommend that if you possible you take the opportunity to participate in the sessions we will shortly be starting." - Fr Kieron
What is Alpha?
“It has enriched my faith, certainly made me think, given me even more a sense of ‘belonging’.” 
Alpha - St Joseph's & St John The Baptist Catholic Church, Brighton
“Thank you for running such an enjoyable and spiritual Course.It has prompted me to deepen my faith.”

Also please tell your friends and family– one wonderful thing about being online is that you do not need to live near our churches to participate.

Find out more about Alpha here.

you can also contact us through or 01273 655553

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A chance to build our faith, explore our faith, or to learn more about faith, life and God from home.

We have run a number of Alpha courses in the parish, which a great number of people have now enjoyed and found important and useful. They seem to have been equally appropriate to lifelong Catholics, and to people who have never been to church but want to explore what the Christian faith has to offer. However you may not have been able to attend  the sessions, either because the time was not suitable, or because of lack of time or other constraints such as child care. We run the experience both online through zoom, and in person.

The sessions run weekly, which provides a very easy and convenient way to think about faith in a friendly small community group. We are now running an in person Alpha, and will start our next online opportunity shortly. Do get in contact and give it a try.

Hear Morgan’s testimony here.

Mariko’s experience of Alpha