Mental Health Week – Isolation:   challenges and opportunities to consider.

  1. Why not spend 10 minutes on the computer doing training to help understand better how social isolation can affect our mental health. This can be accessed at:
  2. Next and very importantly, think of one person who you feel may be a bit isolated. How could you reach out and connect with them in some small way? eg. a phone call, a card, text them, go for a drink or have tea with them? How can you include them in things more? Can you invite them to Church or to another event?
  3. Use the prayer for Mental Health Awareness Week (below) each day. Remember those you know and don’t know, who are struggling with their health and wellbeing at present and for those who are supporting them.


Loving Father, give us eyes to see our lives more as You do. Your word tells us that you care for us and protect us, as a Shepherd watches over his whole flock. During this week for mental health awareness inspire us all afresh, to be more alert to each other’s needs, especially those who may feel lonely or isolated in any way. Help us to reach out, welcome and include everyone, and in so doing, to learn how to create real community. Make us all aware of our need for You and for one another and more able to rest in your peace. Amen.


  1. Have a look at the Poems and Art work in the Creativity & Faith section of this website. (These include contributions from St Joseph’s School Children).
  2. Learn more about National Mental Health Awareness week at:
  3. Tune into some TV and radio programmes that are highlighting Mental Health Awareness Week. See:
  4. Don’t forget to wear a green ribbon if you can pick one up in Church after Mass. Why not come along to Monday Evening Prayer at in St Joseph’s with the monks, which will include prayers on the week’s theme.
  5. Going forward keep up to date with information and initiatives by checking the Wellbeing Notice board in Church.