The Wellspring Community

“The water that I shall give will become a spring of water within, welling up to eternal life”, John 4:14
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Who we are

We seek to live a life centred on Jesus Christ – a life of communion with God and others. Living the Gospel in a common life, inspired by the early Christian community in Jerusalem (Acts of the Apostles), we take the Rule of St Benedict as our guide.  Our members root their hearts in Jesus through daily prayer, together and alone, and their mission flows from this contemplative life: a mission of welcome, sharing the Gospel, and serving the local community.

Our Members

We first began in 2005 as four young adults living and serving in the parish. We have grown and evolved over the years; today, amongst our membership are families and young couples, some members beginning formation for a consecrated life within Wellspring, and a number of young people discerning their call. We welcome people to join us for a year or more to deepen their life of prayer, receive formation in the Christian faith, and to get involved in mission in the local area.

Our Mission

Our mission is to witness to the Gospel, create community, and form young people as disciples of Jesus. We work mainly with young people, running the Students/Young Adults programme in St Joseph’s parish, developing mission outreach in the local community, and offering a programme of retreats  at Worth Abbey.